Newburyport, MA, July 31, 2006 – Motorsports publisher Coastal 181 has announced the release of its latest title, PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK. The book covers the complete history of two famed race tracks, Old Bridge Stadium in New Jersey and Nazareth Raceway in Pennsylvania.

PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK author Lew Boyd chose Old Bridge and Nazareth to exemplify the heart of East Coast modified racing. One asphalt and the other dirt, the two notorious speedways both ran on Sunday nights, usually open competition. Each attracted road warriors and outlaws from Maine to Florida, as well as a dedicated core of homegrown heroes. Boyd conducted more than 100 interviews with living legends like Mario Andretti, Frankie Schneider, Pete Frazee, Wally Dallenbach, Tommy Hager, Gil Hearne, Bob Pickell, and Buzzie Reutimann, as well as capturing the stories of many whose lives ended tragically on the race track, like Jackie McLaughlin, Otto Harwi, and Mike Grbac. Then there are tales of the feisty Eastern Bandits like Ed Flemke and Denny Zimmerman and the NASCAR “drop ins” like Ned Jarrett, Bobby Allison, and Fireball Roberts, who came to test their mettle on these challenging tracks.

PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK covers the evolution of racing from just after World War II right up to the 1990s. The formative years were gritty, colorful, and dangerous, presenting a kind of racing that would never be permitted or possible today. The book includes 330 evocative photographs, many borrowed from private scrapbooks and collections and never before published.

PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK follows Coastal 181’s publication of GOTTA RACE! by Ken Schrader and Joyce Standridge, HOT CARS COOL DRIVERS, RICHIE!, BUGSY!, Life Wide Open, and other highly acclaimed books that document the drama and color of American oval track racing and its daring drivers.

Soft-cover with 232 pages, PAVED TRACK DIRT TRACK is available at $23.95 plus 6.00 S&H (US). To order, call Coastal 181 toll free at 877-907-8181 or online at